Rules & Regulation

Govt. secondary school, Nirjuli
  • Mentioned documents are must be needed at the time of admission.  
  • If you want to take admission then come during the admission process. Late admission is not permitted
  • Students have to come to school before the time of shutting our main gate.  
  • No other dresses are allowed but school uniforms. 
  • Do not bring mobile to school. If caught, it will be confiscated.
  • Do not bring or wear any type of expensive thing in school. 
  • Students can not meet with strangers. 
  • Students can not go anywhere from school during school time. Except in cases of emergency 
  • Guardian of students or the students should inform if there are any changes in telephone number or address. 
  • Guardians are requested to check students’ progress report and sign it within time. 
  • If a student has been rusticated from a previous school, a proper explanation will be needed for taking mission here
  • Guardian must come to talk to the class teachers in PTA